` Matthias Jenny

Matthias Jenny

I'm a PhD candidate in philosophy at MIT.
You can reach me at mjenny@mit.edu.

About me

Matthias JennyIn my dissertation, I study how metaphysics, logic, and computability theory deal with various impossible phenomena. I also have interests in philosophy of language and epistemology.

I help out with the organization of PIKSI-Boston.

My name is pronounced muh-TEA-iss YE-nny (IPA: ˌmaˑtiːas ˑjenːi).



Counterpossibles in Science: The Case of Relative Computability
     (forthcoming in Noûs)
     [abstract] [online version] [preprint]


Classicality Lost: K3 and LP after the Fall
     (Thought 6(1):43–53)
      [abstract] [online version] [preprint]

Drafts and papers under review

Companion to "Counterpossibles in Science"
      (under review)

Metalinguistic Negation in Glut Theory
     (under review)

     (under review)

Safety, Closeness, and Iteration (with Eli Hirsch)
     (under review)

Who's Afraid of Slurs? (with Nicole Dular) [abstract]

Please e-mail me for a draft of any of these papers.

Teaching Resources

Computing with Oracles (written for 24.118 Paradox & Infinity at MIT, fall 2014)

The Frege-Heck Theorem, Sketched in begriffsschrift (written for 24.711 Frege's Basic Laws of Arithmetic at MIT, fall 2014)

Notes on Robinson Arithmetic (written for 24.242 Logic II at MIT, spring 2014)

The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing a Philosophy Paper (originally assembled for 24.01 Classics of Western Philosophy at MIT, spring 2014)